Educational dialogue - Developing your practice

A free online course for educational practitioners

A warm welcome to Educational dialogue: Developing your practice! This is a free MOOC about educational dialogue. There are six weeks of modules that walk through conducting an inquiry into your practice as well as supporting your colleagues:

If you are taking this course as a self-paced series, please register using this google form.

News and course updates!

  • The course content currently available was developed for the February 2021 trial, which combines two strands: strand 1 for Facilitators and strand 2 for Inquirers. The content will be left on this site for anyone to take as a self-paced course series.
  • There will be two more courses launched over the summer months on this same platform: one that will focus on the theory of educational dialogue, and one that will be the inquirer strand of the current course. The current course will then focus more centrally on facilitators. The next live trial of all of these courses will take place in autumn 2021. If you are interested in participating in one of the autumn 2021 trials, or if you would like to be kept updated on the new courses when they’re all available as self-paced, please register your interest via this google form or contact Meaghan directly at
  • New video available on about multimodal educational dialogue and supporting dialogue with digital technology! See here for the video.