Educational dialogue - Supporting your colleagues through facilitation

A free online course for educational practitioners

A warm welcome to Educational dialogue: Supporting your colleagues through facilitation! This is a free MOOC designed for teachers and teacher educators in schools and tertiary institutions globally who have familiarity with educational dialogue and would like to support their colleagues in developing their dialogic practices.

There are six weeks of modules that aim to equip learners with the theory, methodologies, tools and resources to support other practitioners in developing their dialogic approaches:

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News and course updates!

  • Following the first trial of the course in February 2021, the current course has an updated curriculum and focus. While the February trial offered two strands (one for facilitators and one for inquirers), the new course materials have been refreshed just for facilitators. Facilitators are individuals who will already have some familiarity with educational dialogue and wish to take their knowledge a step further to support their colleagues in developing their dialogic practices as well.
  • If you are looking for any of the inquirer content from the previous trial of the course, please contact Meaghan at
  • Two further MOOCs are set to launch in early 2022: (1) ‘The fundamentals of educational dialogue’, which focuses on the theory and impact of educational dialogue, and (2) ‘Conducting a reflective inquiry’, which is for practitioners who want to learn more about educational dialogue and conduct their own reflective inquiry into their practice. If you would like to receive updates regarding these courses and other ones in development, you can sign up using this google form
  • New video available on about multimodal educational dialogue and supporting dialogue with digital technology! See here for the video.